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American Airlines Effective March 1, 2020, there will be some important updates to our American Airlines partnership.

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Partnership Details What's changing, effective March 1, 2020: You will no longer earn Mileage Plan miles on American Airlines international flights. You will no longer be able to redeem miles for award travel on American Airlines domestic or international flights. What's not changing: You'll continue to earn a mile for every mile flown on eligible domestic American Airlines flights with an Alaska Airlines (AS) flight number to select key destinations in the Midwest and eastern… ( Mais...

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This is a really screwed up article. It is NOT about American Airlines it is about Alaska Airlines. Alaska is changing their partnership with AA and, effective 3-1-2020, booking an AA flight will not get you miles on Alaska, even if you book it through the Alaska interface. The rest of the article as to earned miles refers only to Alaska. Whoever wrote this piece was apparently confused by the similarities between AA and AS.
Pat McKinzie 2
It’s not an article. It is an announcement on the Alaska Airlines web site informing Alaska Airlines customers that the Alaska mileage plan is changing with respect to mileage earned on the Alaska plan for flights actually flown on American. Pronouns are used because this is You is Alaska Airline customers, us and our refer to Alaska Airlines.
this article is an Alaska airlines announcement of changes to the mileage agreement they have with American airlines..american airlines ,despite complaints on lots of things, including their aadvantage miles program,has always been good at making sure you get your mileage points with aa and the carriers with whom aa shares programs..the changes to the alaska airlines program only means if part of your journey involves American, you will no longer receive aadvantage mileage credit from Alaska..all of the individual airlines now have their own programs, and some have interacting miles, and some do not..for example, if you fly one segment on aa and continue on delta,you have to input your number on both websites to get credit,even if its in the same reservation..
Wayne Fox 1
Last time I flew AA will be the last time I fly AA.
canuck44 0
Working hard to be the first to the bottom.
Paul Wisgerhof 0
I'm still not sure whether AA or BA is on the lead down. Appropriate that they code/mile share.


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