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Israel’s El Al Airlines Tries to Reinvent Itself for the Modern Era

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Each Friday this summer, an El Al Airlines Boeing 787-9 — an airplane with a list price of almost $300 million, arrives in Las Vegas in the late morning, then sits for nearly 36 hours before returning to Tel Aviv late the next night. This is typically not how airlines use their newest, most efficient and priciest assets. But it’s normal for Israel’s national airline, which grounds its airplanes on Shabbat every week, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. ( Mais...

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Chris B 2
Nice layover for the Flight crew.
James Simms 1
I’d be happy to fly El Al anytime. @ least they don’t play around w/security & would be worth the hassle. BTW, an El Al 747 holds the record for the number of passengers carried @ around 1,100 passengers during Operation Solomon in May 1991.
thegrump -1
"Yes, I'm sorry, honey, but it's airline rules - we can't fly after sundown on friday. *sigh* Stuck here in the middle of the desert with nothing to do until sunday morning. Whoops, GZZRRKKK bad reception here in the desert BZRRRPPP better go!"
SmokedChops 1
not the Airline's rules - God's Rules (Ten Commandments - IV; keep the Sabbath holy) But hey, while in Vegas, if you CAN'T fly, I think its in the Clark County Code, -you shall go enjoy a great meal and a show - Mix Lounge atop the Delano, facing north, perhaps? [in NYC photo district, many of the camera superstores also button it up at sundown Friday, NOTHING happens on Saturday,reopen on Sunday] "GZZZRRLK I think I have lost signal....showgirl <BZZZZZRT> feathers <FZZZZZZZTK> mayonaise <GRRRRKKK giggles in background> loveyou,bye...."
bigkahuna400 0
Seems like poorly run airline up to this point. Hope new CEO realizes you cant keep $300M airplanes on the ground....


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