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Boeing conducts 500 test flights of troubled 737 Max jets in bid to restore trust following crashes

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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said Monday that the company has conducted almost 500 test flights with a new software update to its grounded 737 Max planes that he hopes will help win back the confidence of the flying public. ( Mais...

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jbqwik 17
good luck - about all I can say.
I wish I could be more understanding, more forgiving. But, as we learn more from 'insider' information we understand how Boeing management let economic greed trump all - for no good reason, other than maybe the stock holders; this issue was pretty much fully understood.
And yet management sealed their lips, closed their eyes... the outcome is they slimed an iconic and respected US company.
Richard Orgill 2
Well put ibqwik

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I guess they have a few demo units available.
That is good. But nobody will want to fly it.


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