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Crane collapses and drops plane and crushes it .Oops

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Really funny video. Someone lost so money here! Crushed the plane ( Mais...

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SmokedChops 4
a retired Air India A320 was being placed at a training center at an airfield. <JUST> exceeded the cranes 'i don't feel good' point. Training will apparently commence with the chapter on Heavy MX: Airframe, Flight Systems, Landing Gear. Hat tip to the helo pilot, clearly not his first rodeo. (and a very grateful RC owner watching some serious $$$ get stuck in a tree)
rapidwolve 1
First video gives new meaning to "crane strain"..smh. Helo pilots did a great job dropping it, perfectly, on the rolling deck, and aircraft retrieval.
jbqwik 1
some fun video clips to watch, I think. Thanks to the poster for my morning entertainment.
sparkie624 1
LOL... I think the Crane may not have been up for the job... That one certainly left a mark...!
Jack Jouett 1
Any reason why a crane was lifting this plane?
Tom Yablonski 4
If they swing it around fast enough and let it go, they can get it airborne without a runway. Duh...
hal pushpak 1
It was being lifted across the airport property fo use in a training school. It was one of an early batch or 320's specially requested by the airline for use on unimproved airfields. (Note the double bogey u/c.)
sparkie624 0
LOL... Well that works out just fine.... Now they have one to practice Structural Repair on!
siriusloon -1
To move it to another location?
Bernie20910 0
That RC rescue was a pretty old clip. I remember seeing that about a year ago, maybe more.


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