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Beijing is building hundreds of airports as millions of Chinese take to the skies

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In the space of barely more than a decade, China has transformed from a nation where few had ever experienced air travel to one where millions of its citizens are flying not only across their own vast territory, but to destinations around the world. ( Mais...

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Shenghao Han 2
Have you been to China? They literally don't have space in the air for more air traffic... (air space in China is strictly controlled by Chinese military, civilian air traffic are limited to narrow corridors, it is usual for planes get delayed in afternoon due to congestion)

That is why they built the high speed trains. That said its commercial aviation is certainly not as saturated as in United States. We will see how China integrate air travel with high speed rail, it will have to be more extensively than what Japan have due to bigger territory, lower population density and higher population...
Kobe Hunte 2
Hopefully none of those millions decide to throw a coin in the engine for "good luck" like two people already tried.
siriusloon 7
Twice at air shows in the US, I saw people crumple of a paper cup and toss it into a jet intake (an A-4 and an A-6) because they thought it would just burn up like tossing things into a campfire. Stupidity transcends borders and race.
Kobe Hunte 2
ian mcdonell -1
They are not actually building 100s of airports according to the story - only saying they will be needed
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