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Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing, FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system

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A company in any industry, when given the option to regulate itself, will skip over important certification processes. ( Mais...

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linbb 0
Wow that's really something you figured it out already without any docs to do so with. Get over yourself you are just another internet troll. Wait until they report what where and how. Right now there is no proof just people like you speculating and trying to post something.
Ken Hurne 3
Who exactly are you attacking? The investigative reporter who wrote the article? Me for reading the news and sharing an article that has plausible merit? I in no way said I personally have firsthand knowledge. I did work for a different company in a different highly regulated industry that when given the opportunity would perform their own regulatory activity and ended up in trouble for it. So this seems highly plausible and worth watching to see if it pans out that indeed this was the problem. That is all I'm posting this article for.

I would hardly refer to my sharing this article as trolling. Instead it is the media doing what it should, calling to account all possible angles of a controversy to make sure the government and other related parties are held accountable and forced to come to terms with the truth of what happened. Making false claims based on highly suspect sources with malignant goals is what is the definition of both fake news and trolling. This does not fit that bill.


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