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United plans 'evolution' to globe livery

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United Airlines will unveil an updated livery that chief executive Oscar Munoz calls an "evolution" in the next few months. ( Mais...

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sharon bias 3
Forget updating the livery. Can they just give me another inch in my seat? That would provide better public relations than a pretty plane. Just saying.
SmokedChops 2
this is what happens when you have one designer and several 'focus groups' - mediocrity floats to the top.. "on sample #324, its another long white tube...yes, but this one has line that is 4mm wider and a slightly lighter shade of mauve-blue" I get it, complex designs = more money, multiply that by several hundred airframes, we are getting into serious coin.
I really hope they don't end up with another boring livery like a few recent new unveils. Maybe we will get a combo of the current COA merger colors and the old Blue Tulip Liveries.
Shenghao Han 1
I love and miss the blue tulip livery... they stopped adopting to it when the merger happened


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