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AIRBUS: 800% Bigger Installations at Mirabel Airport in Quebec - Taking Options For More Land

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Airbus planing for building its Typhoon fighter jet in Canada to replace the old Canadian CF-18 hornets. ( Mais...

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Cansojr 4
This is fantastic news for Canadians and the RCAF. A Typhoon kicked butt at Maple Flag. This aircraft has all the bells and whistles. This is one of the best fighters in the world. Boeing just got shot in the butt several times by former commercial and military
clients over their oligopoly in the two incredibly important profit lines in North America and Europe. In fiter tawk Boeing got it's xxx waxed several times. I understand that India which has a formidable Air force accomplished this with their Sukhoi's. A note for Boeing, play it straight and you Will win. Play it like the way you treated Canada and we will send it back straight up your 6 on fire.
Mephistopheles 2
Boeing shot itself in the head when going in court against the small CSeries and Bombardier and then making threats to the Canadian Government. Hope Boeing Defence told them to shut the F c k up next time... Boeing is on the black list in Ottawa and poor Lockhead not much better since it’s also the states...
siriusloon -2
It's not really news yet. The Typhoon is one of several available options. It hasn't been selected, there's no contract, and nothing has been decided about building anything in Canada. And if India's air force is so "formidable", why are they still flying MiG-21s and why do the IAF have so many crashes and such a poor readiness rate. A few moments' research would show you they aren't as happy as you are with their Sukhois (they actually have several types of Sukhoi) and they are extremely Unhappy with the joint venture with Russia that was supposed to be better than the F-22 and F-35. It ain't.
"A Typhoon kicked butt at Maple Flag". Really? Just one did all that? Do you have a complete scorecard of all of the aerial engagements flown during Maple Flag? Any Maple Flag?
Picking a new fighter should be done on the basis of actual verifiable facts, not with the same swooning rah-rah enthusiasm of picking a favourite band or NASCAR driver or sports team.
Mephistopheles 1
Airbus taking option for 800% more space at Mirabel airport is news... Amazing for the canadian aerospace economy... Typhoon is good enough for what Canadian need ad can afford. If SAAB offers more then select the Grippen...
siriusloon 1
The selection will have little or nothing to do with the technical specs of the aircraft. It will be based on industrial offsets, overall cost, the spending split between Ontario and Quebec, the spending split between Western Canada and everybody else, and so on. If you don't believe that, look at previous procurements -- not just which aircraft won, but also at all of the side deals and the regional pandering that are a feature of *every* contract here. It makes no difference which party is in power, they always buy things that way, even office supplies and certainly big-ticket items like a fleet of fighters.

Airbus has only taken an *option* on the land. Nothing has been bought yet and the article's claim that Canada will buy 150 new fighters is beyond ludicrous. It'll be around half that number, something the federal government has already stated numerous times. Just because some gossip blog says something doesn't mean it will happen.
Bill Bulek 1
Great news for Canada and the military. But that Faust page completely killed my browser with all the advertising on it.
Mephistopheles 1
I use Chrome and it’s fast.


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