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Cathay Sells $16,000 Premium Seats for $675 in Ticketing Blunder

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All eyes are on Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. as it decides what to do with the tickets that it appeared to have sold in error at a fraction of their prices. Asia’s biggest international carrier sold business-class tickets from Vietnam to Canada and the U.S. at economy prices earlier this week, according to bloggers. Return fares in the premium cabin from Da Nang to New York started at $675 for travel in August, Gary Leff, a travel and loyalty-program blogger on View from the Wing, wrote on Dec.… ( Mais...

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Er.A.K. Mittal 3
To Err is Human
To Blunder is Divine

O God , I seek Thy forgiveness for making a parody of the original
Geoff Davies 3
Lucky few who booked got a deal of a lifetime for sure
Frank Harvey 1
Was this really an error or was it a marketing ploy ? How much do column inches cost around the world ? How much does airtime on "news" programs cost around the world ? How many unpaid newspaper columns and "news" minutes did this get for CX, all of them mostly positive ? How much was the net revenue, assuming that otherwise these seats might have been non-revenue (empty, company or compted upgrade). How much additional traffic to their website did it generate, from prospective travelers hoping for the same luck ? How many of those extra eyeballs booked CX over a competitor ?
Cansojr 1
And the winners are...


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