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The wild new passenger jet with no middle seats, ever

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Embraer E190-E2, nicknamed the Profit Hunter, is part of the E2 family of regional jets. Wild paint job as a Great White Shark. ( Mais...

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Sean Whitehurst 13
I like the complete lack of interior photos. This is such a bad article.
Tim Eichman 3
Johnny's got ya covered:
Sean Whitehurst 1
No bathroom window... unacceptable.
Andy Bowland 4
Is this article from 2004?

...the first time the 170/190 family was introduced...with no middle seats.
btweston 4
Yes. The writer traveled through time to write about things that happened in 2016, 2017, and July of 2018, then traveled back to her own time and waited fourteen years to release the article yesterday.

Genius, really.
joel wiley 4
And that's why the lack of photos. The Iphone didn't come along until 2007...
Graeme Smith 0
Article is dated 28 Nov 2018
Gage Anderson 4
SkyWest has zero of these 190 versions of the jet, and all of their aircraft have no middle seats. Reading this article makes everyone less intelligent.
SFOSpotting 2
CNN has never heard of a CRJ...
Ric Wernicke 1
E190 is the first plane to create a new word in English. Exsqueeze me.
Edward Sheerr 1
By far the E175 and E190 are my favorite aircraft to fly on.
Paul Hurford 1
Embraer and I became acquainted quite awhile back on a December flight from Boston to Raleigh-Durham NC. There was a front spanning the entire East coast, and the Embraer was in the soup from 30 seconds after takeoff to 30 seconds before landing. The seats were comfortable, and even with 2 x 2 seating was better than, and felt roomier than most Boeing's, or MD's I was flying at the time. The turbulence on this flight was seldom and very light. The Captain was female, and she did a great job moving that aircraft around the turbulence. The whole experience was really rather fantastic, and when I had a choice of aircraft, I generally flew on an Embraer.
Patrick Smith 0
George Cottay -1
Wow, you guys are being critical. JAL pilot Katsutoshi Jitsukawa read the piece and thought it was great.


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