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Jet Bridge hits PIA 777-200LR at Karachi Airport

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A jet bridge has collided with a Boeing 777-200LR at Karachi Airport. ( Mais...

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Patrick Stanley 1
I'm a little confused here. The article isn't clear on anything. How does a very slow moving jet bridge damage a 777? What did it hit? There's a picture showing a hole somewhere? No caption. What part of the plane did it hit?
judging by the 2 images supplied, looks like they hit the engine and damaged the cowling while pulling the jetbridge.
30west 1
The forward edge of the engine inlet. Look at the picture showing the jetway up next to the left engine with the damage visible. The closeup shows the detail of the damage to the engine inlet which happens to be the portion heated by bleed air when engine anti ice is turned on.
Shenghao Han 1
Engine cowling x1
Potentially damaged engine pylon and cowling structure x1
Canceled flight x1
ok..i am not a jetbridge expert,but i did have to learn how to run and use one safely to accommodate differing type of aircraft from small regionals to some large (occasional) 767 or 777..the aircraft we had were mainly md 80's and 737's and back in the 90's, the fokker..there are many types of jetbridges,but the operator must first allow the aircraft to pull up to the gate and the marked position,before doing any adjustments upward or downward,and making sure the opening is aligned with the aircraft door..on the larger aircraft you do have to be cautious of the engines...when its time to dispatch an aircraft, the same get the ok and all clear from the ground,check all around to make sure nothing is in the way, and pull back SLOWLY!reading the article and seeing the pictures,it appears the person operating the jetbridge did not know what they were doing,and the article states there had been compliants of it taking as long as 20 minutes to move a jetbridge at that location...


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