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Boeing Guidance on 737 Max Stall Protection System Under Fire

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Boeing failed to communicate with 737 Max operators new procedures for addressing cases in which the airplane’s automatic stall prevention system commands the nose of the airplane downward, potentially resulting the kind of steep dive that appears to have led to the fatal crash of Lion Air Flight 610, according to pilot union officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal. Meant to improve pitch response at high angles of attack and prevent pilots from raising the airplane’s nose too high, the… ( Mais...

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Tad Bishop 5
A pilot should be able to not stall a 737 without computer help..scarrrry
Jim DeTour 5
The planes trouble shooting checklist covers shutting the system down pushing two buttons. The previous days flight that had a problem correctly shut the system off and landed safely. Seems erroneous info is being put out. The below news story mentions pilots are supposed to commit to memory the shutdown the system to memory. Brazil pilots have a training course for it.

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btweston 1
American Airlines disagrees with you.
stratofan 1
Anyone remember USAir flight that crashed in PA a few years ago that they maintained was a rudder reversal? Yet, the airline failed to include that the crew was 20 kts slower than the recommended approach speed. Or, USAir flight that ran off into Flushing Bay at LaGuardia because the crew did not follow CRM in proper engine shutdown for a malfunction.
Tony E 1
When pilots are selected via nepotism in a country with the worst aviation record in the world, these situations are bound to keep occurring. Their response is to change nothing, but to blame Boeing. The flight bans should be reinstated for Indonesian carriers until they remedy this long standing practice


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