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Airlines are using these 5 planes to replace the Boeing 747 jumbo jet

The jumbo jet's days as a passenger plane are numbered. The Boeing 747, once the go-to passenger jet for airlines around the world, is destined to live out its days as a cargo jet. "The future of the 747 is in the cargo business," Boeing vice president of marketing Randy Tinseth told Business Insider at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow. ( More...

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scott8733 13
Nothing will ever replace the 74...or at least dominate the skies in the manner with which this machine did.

When one of those 'replacements' does so for a half century, then I'll capitulate. But, I'll long be dead by then.
Indeed. It's the most comfortable plane I've flown on. It's quieter and a lot more stable then newer planes. Even in heavy turbulence as on the 747 it's the wings that go up and down rather than the whole plane, like in the newer composite planes.
wingmech 6
Sad to see her go. Bucket list item is a ride on one, better get my butt in gear and book a flight!
Greg Mermel 2
I had thought my last 747 flight was in the past, but I'm booked on one of KLM's 747 combi's ORD-AMS in October.
Larry Toler 5
Sad to say, as cool as the 747 is (and regretibly the 747-8i didn't sell well) is economic. When you have aircraft which fly farther with less fuel and only two engines to maintain and are cheaper to operate of course the airlines are going for the cheaper.

That said, if you've never flown on a 747, buy tickets now. It's awesome on the takeoff roll.
Nathan Cox 4
I’m just a couple weeks from taking my Type rating ride in the -400/800. Shes an amazing bird and can still fly with 2 and even 3 engines out. The -800 is going to be replacing Airforce 1. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Those flying will continue flying until they revive cost prohibitive damage. If the passenger airlines dump them, they can be converted to freighters.
I never dreamed I would ever be a pilot on this iconic bird, but. I’m thankful I have the opportunity to do so.
Dubslow 4
It only took sixty years, but indeed the program has finally come full circle.
lyn williams 1
Last US passenger flight on the 747 took place a couple of months back from what I understand. There are some freighters still flying. There may be some other countries still using them for passenger flights. Im afraid both us have missed out...
SmokedChops 3
that said, how many 'DC-3 replacements' have come and gone? Granted, the number left is considerably lower than the original 10k + that were built in various guises. It (747) will find its place somewhere in the world of 'large aluminum birds'
WhiteKnight77 3
Having flown on the 747 to and from Okinawa back in the day, the cattle car section of the Freedom Bird was an interesting place to be. The ride back there was pretty smooth for the most part. One trip back to the States was on a Northwest 747 after an issue arose with the Flying Tigers bird and the landed from Naha and picked us up and carried us to the States (Seattle). Over mainland Japan, we hit some bad turbulence and it tossed the whole plane around, not just the wings. We lost a few hundred feet while it was going on. Others were freaking out, while I was enjoying it, I do love riding roller coasters after all. I will miss those birds.
WhiteKnight77 2
I remember watching a show on Discovery or The History Channel and it was either Wings or Modern Marvels and it was an episode on the 747 and its development. They showed the testing of the wing and how far the wing could bend before the main spar broke. They pulled the tip up to 28' before the spar broke. If a plane ever saw that much wing flex, I would say that one should not be in that area, but it was informative in how much abuse a plane could take.
I don't think we have seen the last of these birds. Many other countries will frieght them. Heard a rumor some countries are buying to militarise them.
Chip Adams 1
I will miss the 747. It is my favorite long range ride.
A lot quieter that the 777 and better canin comfort than the 380.
It was the best ride to Asia.
Ga Za 1
I only flew 747 once but what a ride. Smooth and spacious. I knew the chief engineer for the 747, Joe Sutter. He was sharp as a tack and still consulting to Boeing in his 80’s. Joe’s book, simply titled “747” is a good read and tells the story of the plane’s development through commercial use. I’m sure it’s available on Amazon.
Michael Dean 1
Don't panic people, you've got six years to book a flight, British Airways are keeping their's until 2024 when they will be the last airline flying the passenger carrying version, just get your self a return to LHR.
MultiComm 1
What do you suppose is meant by “go out with a whimper instead of a bang”. Slow retirements is a whimper? Dominating the internationals skies for decades is a whimper? Hmmm....
Great article, unbiased. Just the facts ma'am
lyn williams -3

Found the article I had read about the final passenger flight of the 747. Honestly...I put less than zero stock in anything the NY Times says. Whether they can identify the difference between a 747 and coffee cup is completely up in the air from my perspective. What Im read at your own risk. If you choose to believe any of it...its at your own risk. If its all one huge lie...don't even look my direction.
Read Joe Sutter's book "747". Easy read - fascinating.


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