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Boeing Initiates Changes to 787 Power Panel

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EVERETT, Wash., Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) is developing minor design changes to power distribution panels on the 787 and updates to the systems software that manages and protects power distribution on the airplane. These changes come as the result of what has been learned from the investigation of an onboard electrical fire on a test airplane, ZA002, earlier this month in Laredo, Texas. ( Mais...

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Peter D 0
It has taken for ever let's go Boeing !!!!!!!! How many years has it been? Good luck ! :)
Michael Misorski 0
I agree lets go!!!!! Airbus new A350 is going to be out before the 787 and they havent even had 1 flying!!! 2 years of delays for the 787.
chalet 0
No my friends, I am not going to fly on any B-787 or A-380 aircraft, the latter with RR engines, the former with any make of engines, unless they have flown at least 4 years in a fully safe manner.
indy2001 0
Do it right, Boeing. These aircraft will fly for decades, so it's much better to work out as many problems as possible before it goes into service. (Remember the DC-10 debacle.) Airbus will have just as many, if not more, problems with their new aircraft. And the A380 program is draining billions from their bank accounts, so they will have fewer resources to work with. Unlike the previous poster, however, I don't have any problem with flying on RR power, once their engines have been certified. Despite the fact that they are pushing the edge of the power envelope, slamming RR seems to have become the fashionable thing to do.
chalet 0
indy2001, apparently you have not been reading the newspapers, the RR engine on the 380 WAS FULLY CERTIFIED last year by the European and American and Singaporean and Australian authorities, otherwise Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Qantas whould not be flying them in commercial operations. OK, for me one thing is certification by the authorities and a totally different thing an arbitrary I must admit minimum limit of 4 years in reliable and fully safe manner. Not RR bashing, just playing it safe, Sam.


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