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Emergency landing after engine fire at Delta flight

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Atlanta - An Airbus A330-300 from Delta returned to Atlanta Airport shortly after take-off. The right engine had caught fire. Firefighters and rescue workers were ready as the N822NW landed on runway 27R half an hour after take-off on Wednesday night. ( Mais...

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matt jensen 1
I tried posting this when it happened. Mods said the link was bad. Link wasn't bad - not from a reputable company like Fox News or the AJC. In the meantime, FB posted it with a direct link. Mods need to pay attention. Getting tired of my squawks getting dumped b/c you have a vendetta against me.
Tom Novak -1
Hello Matt. I don't think something against you. It's a because of the system itself. Sometimes "https" links does not work and you get a notification "broken link. Instead of "https" version try to post the "http" version of the link. It works then.
matt jensen 1
It worked with just www. also


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