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How The TSA Screens A 3 Year Old

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Good thing her father is a news reporter. ( Mais...

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Cal Keegan 0
Youtube has been taking this video down? The one linked from above won't play for me. Still it can be found, keep searching... for now...
Robbie Sherman 0
They are taking the video down because the government has likely put the screws to them. The groping of the three year old shows the overreach of the police state and could well become the symbol of a flawed system.
Remember: The underwear bomber and the 9/11 hijakers were all on the terror watch list.
Skye777 0
Looks like they were just doing their job and she was tired and cranky. It would have been a bit scary for her.
But it's better to be safe and sorry than just plain sorry!
Better safe then just plain sorry? Can you cite an example of a 3 year old white girl from Tennessee hijacking a plane or committing an act of terrorism?
Copterwrench 0
While I was a mechanic in the industry I saw TSA guards sleeping at checkpoints between the freight ramp and the main terminal. I saw Pilots being sent to a room to remove their pants, Little old ladies be made to empty their bags and frisked, Mechanics being pulled from line and questioned because they forgot to remove an Allen Wrench from their jumpsuit. My self included and while all this was going on I saw Abdul in a white robe with a Turban on his head go right through and his briefcase not even looked at going through the x-ray machine. I'm sorry but if a Pit Bull bites you you don't search for a Poodle and no liberal attitude is going to change that.
Doug Zalud 0
Here's a quote from Ben Franklin. It speaks volumes about the state of the American mindset nowadays, and how lazy we are becoming. (Do whatever you need to do. I don't care. Just don't bother me.)

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790)
toolguy105 0
There are better ways to handle situations like the one in the video. The problem is that the airports are becoming police states and some TSA employees are becoming storm troopers. It was obvious to me the child had braces on, probably metal. You can see this easier in person I'm sure. This is what caused the metal detector to go off I'm also sure. You could also visually see there was nothing under the stockings or the upper part of her dress. That left only her skirt. The proper thing to do would have been to ask mom to take the child to a private area and lift the skirt for a visual inspection. There was no need for a stranger to place hands on this child. A little common sense was all that was needed here.
dmaccarter 0
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
-H. L. Mencken

True 70 years ago, 200 years ago.....still true today.
Tom Gorman 0
Don't you think that minimally the TSA should change their gloves wth each item they touch? What if they pick up a foreign substance and spread it all over that little girls clothes?
David Lucas 0
This video is years old. TSA hasn't worn white uniforms since Sept of 2007.
Our country is turning into Nazi Germany 1937. Our government has to stop this crazyness. God help us.
Bill Straw 0
They may not have worn white uniforms since 2007, but from my experience, they haven't learned anything either. When you give these people with no real life or responsibility the ability to "take charge" and show the traveling public that they have power, they seem to find many ways to abuse it. My 89 year old mother in law gets the same treatment and when she told the woman (I won't use lady here) she couldn't understand her middle eastern accent, she dumped her carry on and put her through the same stuff. The organization needs a thorough clean up, but with unionization coming soon, that won't happen.
Richard Newell 0
Maybe the best answer is to just strip to your underwear or even naked before going through the metal detector. You already have to take off shoes and belts. Whats is a few more articles of clothing? Then there is no need to grope you, unless maybe you want that. Keep GA flying.
Go Ron Paul.
atiwy 0
Hey! Did anyone note that this video is 3 years old? Different procedures then. This is not what is done today.
SifuJT 0
I'm trying to get some understanding on when this video was actually taken. The uniforms that the TSA employees are wearing haven't been used in at least a year and a half if not more than two/three years ago. I know that "reddit" posted this video on Nov 13 2010 but that doesn't mean it was created recently or even this year. If you go to CW 39 web site you can't even find the video as being one that's current. If this video is that old then the search technique that was used isn't the current one that people are upset about. If you're going to try to get sympathy for you're cause/opinion at least use current data/facts to support your cause.
Tom Gorman 0
I'm still kinda stuck on the gloves thing. So what would prevent a person from putting a bad substance on their clothes for a TSA agent to spread to the next 4 people. I think they should change their gloves after each groping session.
kevin asato 0
Child with a loaded diaper. Now would be dangerous! The other issue I have is that you warn your children about people touching you in your private areas and to say NO to that kind of activity. What do you tell your child now? That it is OK for a government representative to touch you there?

TSA now hiring - perverts and sexual predators need only apply.
Paul Slonaker 0
That is rediculous. If ANY of those TSA agents touch one of my grandkids that are 2, 4 & 6 year old girls and a 11 year old grandson...I am going to react. Law or no law...I will destroy a TSA agent right there on the spot...which could include hunting up that fat som bitch the reporter was talking to. I can also see charges against TSA and the agent for sexual assault of a child...big time felony. If people would just refuse to fly for about a week....the airlines would put a stop to all of this bullshit. No one flies...the airline goes under. So what is more important to you...being groped and felt up like a cheap whore or your trip on an airplane?
Zaidi Mataha 0
They are afraid of their own shadow!
Tim Totten 0
A stranger touched her. She has no idea why. When a pervert touches a child we are told they will carry emotional scars the rest of their life. It doesn't matter to the child that procedures may have changed. Some forethought, even three years ago, would be in order. Think of the traumatized child. TSA, think before you implement, if that's possible.
atiwy 0
Tom, the officers are required to change gloves before and after each pat down.
Ralph Wigzell 0
Good business for the glove manufacturer.
Pileits 0
George Bush and Bin Ladin went to the same school of Terrorist Tactic's, expect George failed all his exams.
Zaidi Mataha 0
I agree with Pileits.
crk112 0
YES there is something we can do.. ABOLISH the TSA
Ralph Wigzell 0
By all accounts it seems that the glove manufacturer has more credibility than the TSA. Just a while back one of the radio stations ran a story on the ineffectiveness of the Air Marshalls(by track record). What do they do when there is the slightest upset(caused by the failings of another department)? Up the number of Air Marshalls.
meeverett 0
"TSA now hiring - perverts and sexual predators need only apply."

This isn't the future, it's already happening. A year or so ago, a screener at the local airport was arrested for child porn. All appearances were he lost his job because he went to jail and couldn't report for duty, not because he was a perv.

Secondly, there is at least one documented case of TSA overriding the local authority and demanding that an unrestricted badge be issued to a convicted felon.


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