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Boeing delays more 787 test flights, shares drop

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DALLAS (AP) — Boeing is putting off more test flights of its new 787 passenger jet while it investigates an emergency landing of one of the planes on Tuesday. Boeing shares have fallen almost 3 percen . . . ( Mais...

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chalet 0
This is a never ending story, like a lousy picture that never ends, I for one do not intend to fly on a 787 until it has been in service for at least 2 years.
indy2001 0
And you don't need to voice your negative opinion on every thread about the 787. Don't fly it...but don't keep telling us your plans.
chalet 0
indy2001 you don't like my points of view, don't read them, but maybe you would be interested in reading this article written in July of this year by The Chicago Tribune, where Boing HQ are located,4259627.story
By the way I read that apparently the recent fire burned a hole in the fuselage of the 787, something you don't find in aluminum aircraft.


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