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Ten years ago the right engine of a Nationwide Airlines Boeing 737 fell off on take-off from Cape Town, Mark D Young tells the story ( Mais...

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Viv Pike 9
This is actually a "must-read" piece, in my opinion.
Frank Harvey 4
Also read the Samora Machel crash piece which follows it. Bad fuel management, loss of situational awareness, wrong VOR settings, bad instrument lighting, atrocious CRM, lousy analysis of observations (if you can't see a city there must be a power failure, if you can't see a runway the lights must be off), telling ATC they are maintaining 3000 feet while not recognising a continuing descent, ignoring a GPWS horn at 2600 feet, flying into terrain at 2200 feet.
bettiem 3
A rather long read but a very worthwhile investment of one's time. It's well-written too; the author puts you on the flight deck, seeing, hearing and feeling it all.
Viv Pike 2
This could make a movie ...
chandrahas patel 1
Very neatly described... It shows how a well trained, experienced professionals in cabin and tower can achieve...
A very well written article. A must read story where you are taken on the flight by the details given by the author.


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