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Would You Fly in a Pilotless Commercial Plane if it Meant a Cheaper Ticket?

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The world’s aviation industry will need to train and deploy more than 600,000 new pilots over the next 20 years. But, then again, the industry might be operating fleets of commercial jets flown by remote control. Those are the seemingly contradictory outlooks described in separate reports by aerospace giant Boeing and Swiss banking powerhouse UBS. ( Mais...

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henry koch 1
i wouldn't have a problem. way to go
Mike Mohle 1
Nope, thanks.....
Short answer: NO! Computers have a place in my life but not that place.
Mike Mohle 1
Indeed. Exactly how cheap would it need to be that Joe average flyer would climb aboard?
Michael Curley 1
Along with the disappearing seat pitch and seat width?

NO! - NO! - NO!
canuck44 1
Hasn't the Airbus computer systems answered that question before it was asked. Think AF 447.


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