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Jeppesen charts available on ForeFlight mobile

Access Jeppesen’s global library of departure, arrival, and terminal procedures. Also in this release: Logbook detail reports, import custom charts, and global Procedure Advisor. ( More...

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aeroflyer 1
Jepp bought into Foreflight because they were getting nowhere with their current apps. They would not invest in their own people or organization to better build their own apps. They instead realized they were losing large customer bases to Foreflight. They decided instead to cozy up to them and worked out an "agreement" to share proprietary information and jointly build on it. The costs are now way up for Foreflight subscriptions. I give it about a year(maybe less) before Boeing, the owner of Jeppesen, decides to buy out Foreflight. And mesh it in into Boeing Flight Services. And the costs will go even higher. IMO.


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