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Found photos offer look at Charles Lindbergh in San Diego before his famous solo flight

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Rare, never-before-published photographic images of Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis were hiding in storage for 90 years ( Mais...

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Steve Aliamus 2
Simpler times and avionics...they built the Spirit of St. Louis in 60 days.
A must see
Bror Monberg 1
Both beloved Americans...Will Rogers sitting next to Lindbergh, chatting...In August 1935 Rogers would tragically die with fellow Oklahoman Wiley Post on a fishing trip to Post's Lockheed Vega.
Steve Aliamus 1
Try these instead:
nsarshad 1
Terrible web site - Full of popup ads and spam.
Steve Aliamus 2
Apologies if the newspaper (San Diego Union Tribune) website has popups and/or advertisements. I use a popup blocker and don't see them. In the future, I'll look for an alternate website to avoid any non-aviation distractions to the content.
Scott Campbell 1
Didn't see that .. try an ad blocker ? adblock plus maybe
mcxmike 1
Could not get to the site cause of pop up ads
trevor caruso 1
i refuse to fight through all those ads to give that site 20+ clicks. i'll catch this article somewhere else.
Steve Aliamus 1
Here are a couple of alternatives to the original San Diego Union Tribune article:
trevor caruso 1
appreciate it.
Patrick Smith 0
Don't even bother with this site unless you like ads & similar rubbish. The poster and site should be banned from FlightAware.
dee9bee -1
Great photos. Did Lindbergh ever smile? I'll have to re-read A Scott Berg's bio of Lindbergh one of these days.
Karl Leite -2
First flight solo was made by Santon Dumont, brazilian.


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