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Europe Just Launched Its first ever Airport Sensory Room

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Flying can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, but it’s especially stressful for kids with autism and/or sensory processing disorder (SPD), who often struggle with large crowds and loud noises. But for kids flying out of Shannon, Ireland, the airport no longer has to be such a scary or intimidating place. Recently, Shannon Airport opened the first airport sensory room in Europe for passengers with autism — and parents everywhere have been rejoicing ever since. ( Mais...

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randomguy 4
There's a few of these programs in the US as well. If you know a family this could be helpful for, be sure to spread the word!
Roger Curtiss 1
The next step is to have an emergency window exit mockup available in the terminal so that exit row passengers can determine if they are strong and smart enough to manipulate it.
NX211 -2
I hear this program started after last years successful 'Automotive Dealership Sensory Room' which was of course inspired by the 'Horse & Buggy Sensory Room'
lynx318 1
Seriously? Why not the 'Stone Wheel Sensory Room' while you're at it?


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