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United eyeing 767 replacement in fleet review

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United Airlines is evaluating options for a replacement of its Boeing 767 fleet, as part of its on-going widebody fleet review. The 767 is the only aircraft that the Chicago-based carrier does not have a “line of sight” in terms of a replacement in its fleet, said president Scott Kirby in a recorded question and answer session with employees in Denver viewed by FlightGlobal. ( Mais...

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Brad Littlejohn 4
Makes you wonder if they forgot about that MOU they had with both Boeing and Airbus, where they were ordering 50 of each, with the B787s to replace the B767s and the A350s to replace the B747s. They have a fair amount of both coming in, and they appear to be using the B787s they have for growth rather than fleet replacement.

Perhaps they shouldn't have dropped the orders for the B787 that COA had prior to merger.
rapidwolve 1
They also have 12 B773ER's coming in to replace the B747 so it's still possible some of the remaining B787-9 could replace the B767...or they do as they thought and refurb some of the B767-4 and hold onto them.
Aaron Coghill 1
Also to add to the consideration is the fact that the only replacement options are at least 13m/40 ft winder. This will cause issues if airport parking positions are designed and spaced around the 767 compared to to full size code E positions.
Ray Thompson 0
Perhaps some price incentives to buy "US"' - if Boeing got most of the orders that US airlines purchase, then Boeing would be able to employ most of America ??? - Get "the Donald" on to this one.
Kurt Haberfellner -2
I think Mr. Trumpp might have some comments about buying from Airbus.
Ian Deans 4
Why would he when Airbus have a massive investment in a plant in the US? It is providing thousands of jobs for Americans building A320 family aircraft.
Brad Littlejohn 2
Agreed. Airbus has a plant in Alabama and is contemplating a second plant in Wichita.


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