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Antonov 225 Fire

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AN225 engine catches fire at Leipzig while taxing off the runway to the AI stand. It was the #2 engine of the 6 ( Mais...

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patrick baker 4
careful with this precious unicorn....
Andy Cruickshank 2
This aircraft is now showing in Campinas Brazil and was the subject of a squawk in the last week or so. Fire clearly could not have been that serious or the engine was quickly replaced.
Roy Hunte 1
Apparently it was a valve that needed ajustment. The engine was not damaged.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Good news for all
James Simms 1
Came through IAH last night from an unknown airport.
Andy Cruickshank 1
The aircraft flew Leipzig to Rekiavik (sp?) then to Goose Bay Labrador Canada and then to KIAH and on to Campinas Brazil. There was an earlier posting about 10 days ago about the routing. I will try to find and post a link

Pleiades Orion 1
I heard an225 is only one in the world right? We must take care that plane.
patrick baker 1
Chinese aerospace is making mutterings about constructing a second AN 225, under license from anatov. We may not want the Chinese to know all about making big aircraft.
Bob Harrington 1
There was another, but it was intentionally destroyed in the filming of the movie '2012'

Richard Spurgeon 1
When you are flying along on a nice evening and the fire warning goes off, it really grabs you wide awake. It was my only time to send a "MAY DAY". Once in a life time is enough!


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