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Orbis DC-10-10 Retiring at Pima Space Museum

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Orbis flying eye hospital is retiring the DC-10-10 and is sending it too the Pima space museum. ( Mais...

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canuck44 4
"On its final flight to Tucson, the plane will be flown by the longest serving Orbis volunteer pilot, Capt. William Willson, a retired United Airlines pilot." This is a reminder of the wonderful service by pilots who have taken their skills into "retirement" to service those in need like this but also here to fly mercy flights for citizens in need. Those on the forum will remember Preacher stating that with all his hours in cockpits, the one that stood out most was flying an Angel flight for the fallen son of an associate. This is called win win.
linbb 3
Preacher was quite a presence on here miss his comments on things. He had been there flown that and came back to give us insite on thing. May his skys always be sunny and the wind on the tale. RIP
Though we had quite a few private conversations and our paths crossed as we both had ties to the trucking industry, I regret that I never got to meet him in person. I think of him every time I'm on Flightaware and always will.


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