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Bombardier Near Deal to Sell Up to 125 Jetliners to Delta

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Delta Air Lines Inc. is in the final stages of completing a deal to acquire up to 125 Bombardier Inc. CSeries jetliners in what would be a major victory for the struggling Canadian plane maker, according to three people familiar with the negotiations. ( Mais...

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Phil Knox 6
aidannorman 2
Thank You for the article
This is great news I hope thisgies through
Looks like the c series is the real deal and delta has done their homework
aidannorman 3
Since when do you have to subsribe to read the Wall Street Journal Online?
Dan deMenocal 1
Since 1997...
Speaking of them
They are not above 11th hour deal breaking to screw over bombardier
This deal not quite done yet
Jeff Phipps 2
Please advise when a link requires a paid membership, so those of us who don't want to pay a subscription for an article, can avoid it. Thanks.
Phil Knox 2
When I realized the link was problematic I immediately posted another resource!
Jeff Phipps 2
Thanks Phil. I posted it before I saw you posted another link.
Bombardier stock has blown up today.
scott8733 2
I'll admit, I clicked on to read this,to take a break from the daily Boeing bashing & nonstop Airbus promotion- which is sadly what this site has become.
Kenneth Schmidt 2
Pay site
Jeff Phipps 1
Does anyone have an idea if these are all going to be CS300's or will there be a mix?
myalias 3
They're probably all CS300. The MD-80s Delta is replacing are all MD-88's, which have 150 seats or so.


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