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$5000 plane tickets and no food - woman says she'll never fly Air New Zealand again

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A woman with several dietary requirements says she'll never fly with Air New Zealand again after crew forgot to pack her meal on a long-haul flight. About five days before her flights from New Zealand to London, Johanna Pitot ordered a special meal, Fairfax reported. Ms Pitot can't eat gluten, dairy, sugar, fish, pork and few other things. When she arrived at the airport, she was told her meal was onboard. But on the flight from New Zealand to Los Angeles a flight attendant told her it… ( Mais...

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pirahna432 2
Most people that "can't eat gluten" are full of shit and don't know what's actually going on with their bodies.
amazingb747 1
The aircraft in the photo is no longer in the anz fleet all B733's are retired now and replaced with A320 and B789 aircraft
Torsten Hoff 1
It's an unfortunate situation and shouldn't have happened.

However, when you can't eat most of what the rest of the population does, you need to be prepared since not every place will be able to accommodate your needs. Have some suitable snacks in your carry-on.
Robert Fleming 1
It is weird to me that this woman has so many different "expectations" for a meal, and I'm sure the airline felt the same way, but still it's unfortunate she was treated that way, especially by the flight attendant, so I can't say I blame her for not wanting to fly the airline again!


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