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Here's How F-15s Practice Intercepting Errant Civilian Planes for the Super Bowl

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A huge influx of general aviation air traffic is expected to hit the San Francisco Bay Area during the first week of February in anticipation Super Bowl 50. While you're watching football on Sunday, the Air Force will be watching the skies in case an errant pilot wanders into the protected airspace surrounding the big game. ( Mais...

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Celogen Expandex 4
I was thinking that Navy or Marine Hornets or Super Hornets would do a better job since their low-speed high AoA performance is better, but A-10s would be perfect and use less gas too. Go Panthers!
vector4traffic 1
Slow and Low - that's gonna suck....
SmokedChops 2
Apache. problem solved.
jeroberts88 2
What happens when you get intercepted? You get to pay the bill for your mistake? That would make for a bad day, the 20k bill.
ToddBaldwin3 1
That used to happen in the 50s and 60s on flights coming in from the pacific. After stopping in Hawaii for an "entry packet" if the pilot busted a check turn, Air Defense Command would intercept the air craft, and bill the airline for the cost of the intercept
Jared Smith 3
What a waste of time and money. Seems to be mainly there to prevent banner towing that might bother the spectators. If some nefarious entity wished to do nefarious things, the fighters would have less than 2 minute from the time the lawfully operated buiz-jet makes a 90 deg turn (5 miles out) to passing over (or into) the stadium. What is it they are going to do anyway? Shoot down a loaded jet over one of the most populated areas on the West coast? Just what the neighborhood needs; 30 mm depleted uranium slugs coming through the roof, followed by a block-long splash of burning jet fuel.

his policy is just another impediment to free travel about the United States. Invisible land mines in the air to snag the unwary.
btweston 1
Another lovely trip to the theatre...
John Yount 1
That was convincing video. "Hey kids look at the fighter jet". Can a Cessna 172 outrun a F 15? Or just pull the power off and watch the F 15s leave the scene. Yes the A 10 is the correct answer.
Joshua Dempsey 1
So, someone gets to the 10 mile point, what happens?
mike SUT 1
Send an F-35....apparently it isn't good enough for anything else :-)
mx747 1
Scramble the choppers!
oowmmr 0
The GA pilot might think that its ok, once the F-22 mushes away. They need a Harrier or F-35 to hoover right by the errant aircraft.
shoepuke 1
FINALLY! Something the F-35 could be good at!


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