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Quantas straps 5th engine to a 747-400

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Wednesday January 6 2016 flight QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg took off with an extra passenger on board – a six tonne Rolls Royce engine. Only thing is, the engine wasnt in the cargo hold. ( Mais...

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william baker 1
Qantas is the Name and this was like two weeks ago lol
linbb 0
Yup and then there was another post besides that and this one also getting to be an old story these reposts of reposts. That and how Airbus is ahead in some race..............real news would be nice about something worth while again too many wann a bee posters the last year or so.
djames225 1
Sorry but I saw no other posting on this story, and thot it rather intriguing...not too many times you see a 747 with 5 engines on the wings


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