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Older than radar, slower than a speeding bullet Look, on the ground, it's.... Concrete Arrows!!

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I wonder if any of our distinguished aviators can further elucidate on these ancient stone formations? ( Mais...

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wx1996 2
Some more detail:
Mike Atkins 1
Very nice article, thanks for reposting. I see the subject has been open for years now but as everyone knows, the SFO fog would delay more than just air mail, still does.
bentwing60 1
Well Mike, I may not be one of the more distinguished aviators on this deal but I am one of the more prolific. And your post screams "old postal airways" to me. I started with VOR,s and NDB's , then came Loran, followed by GPS, one of the enablers of the middle class aviator! To think what those guys were thinking when they left on a soggy day is tough. This is back when the military was charged with airmail and it worked out like you might expect. Lotsa guys died. They have my undying respect! And ATP pilots, 'as all confessed pilots" still pay more for life insurance.


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