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Bombardier receives CSeries certification from Transport Canada

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Bombardier's CSeries commercial aircraft has been certified by Canada's transportation regulator, after years of delays and cost overruns. ( Mais...

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Gary Watson 1
It is about time.
Art Dalton 1
Way to go Canada! Competition is great. Can't leave it all to Boeing and Airbus. Too bad Bombardier had to nearly go under to survive this undertaking... but things should be better later this year when the 300 gets certified, they get some additional backing from the federal gov't and finally sort out the family share voting rights issues. Bombardier is important to the Canadian economy, spending big on R&D and employing lots of people in full time tech jobs. Remember that most new airplanes are delayed (...the Dreamliner) and that the other global aviation players get money/tax breaks from their governments..
Gary Watson 1
There was a time when we were the leader


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