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(Video) Airbus A380 Crosswind Landing at Düsseldorf

"I have filmed lots of crosswind landings within the past four years but this was the first time I was able to film an A380 crosswind Landing. All crosswind Landings are amazing but seeing an A380 fighting against the wind was something special. In addition to that the runway was very wet and the A380 touched down a little late." ( More...

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Awesome video!
Chris B 2
Nice landing. Bet the passengers had no idea.
preacher1 2
Probably not. On a shallow CRAB, they never will. Now, when you are on max amount of crosswind, it's bad bumpy, and you have 20-30 degrees, that's a different story. LOL
Anthony Bryen 2
Fantastic video
dza Aziz 2
emirates all the way
Les Price 2
my god man! I've watched this 5 times and still gives me goose bumps!
preacher1 1
I watched it again. It looked like for a minute like that one that came out behind him was rolling before he was clear. Naturally he wasn't and when the 380 got clear you could see that he wasn't.
maxou723 1
Cool Video!
oowmmr 1
What makes an A380 crab 45kt. crosswinds? Gadzooks!
JOLI !!!!!
airindia744 1
Amazing footage this was a regular occurance at St Martin's airport with the KLM 747'S
Fly Emirates!
Just another day at ORD
billcc 1
A first class ride on Emirates is on my bucket list. And that was one fine landing.
Jeffrey Bue 1
That was impressive
preacher1 -3
I guess a CRAB is fine but you would have thought that on planes the size of the 380 or 747 they would have copied the USAF and set the landing gear separate like they did on the B52. The gear are movable on the 52 up to 45degrees. You line the wheels on the centerline and set the rest of the plane how needed. Of course it might take a total redesign of the landing gear but maybe not. LOL
Preach. Are you done with your treatment? Hope you are feeling better. A380 at Oshkosh a couple of years ago made a "spectacular" landing and nearly lost it!
preacher1 1
Got done with chemo last Wednesday and radiation on Friday. Felling fine. Just bad weak but I'll get over that. POWMMER makes comment about crosswind speed above. Bigger target. Less wind affects it more. That is one reason the have the gear setup separate on the B52. It is just so big that every little breeze that comes along will affect it.
Derek Thomas 1
Preacher - hope all goes aces for you! I'm off to get a new knee on Monday. The fun never stops. Meantime, back to redesign for set-able gear - heck, the airlines are already pleading poverty on getting GPS in the cockpits - can you imagine a major engineering redesign? The concept made me laugh...
preacher1 3
Yeah, I can't see it happening either. The reason they are not griping about next-gen is that it might actually save them some money or they might can make a little more by cramming more AC in a tighter space. Of course, if it's like any other government project, the equipment or procedure will change before fully implemented. Good luck on the knee. If done right you may not be out of commission too long.
Jim Smirh 1
@Derek, Make sure you get high quality fittings for that knee! This is one area you don't want to go cheap! <>

@preacher, use as much sick leave as needed to get back up to speed! We'll give you plenty of Sim time to practice before the re-currencey ride, also! ;+)
preacher1 1
Jimbo, it ain't widely known but let's just say I could do the recurrency right now without the SIM time. LOL. KMPJ ain't but 8 miles from the house with 5500. I was in that CRJ a couple of weeks ago and then up to FSM for the 767 and King air, then back home. They have a fine lodge up on the mountain with an excellent restaurant and I have a super size grill at the house. LOL If they'll ever waiver this Lantis insulin I'll at least pick up a commercial. As it is, with that, I'm not sure I could even pick up a sportsmans. I just may have to fib about it. My AME don't know about it and it has my sugar looking excellent.
Jim Goldfuss 1
Yeah, I wouldn't want to drag a tip or cowling especially in a B52. Perhaps cost is prohibitive in a commercial setting? How was maintenance/reliability on the gear system on the 52?.
Best wishes for continued speedy recovery...
preacher1 1
I figure it was cost prohibitive to build. With only the centerline main gear on the 52 and the wing ponies, it probably never crossed anybody's mind. If it did, they never figured it out. As far as mx on the gear, IDK. I can't see where it would be that much different though. With those wing bogies, you didn't have to worry about dragging anything though.I'm getting there on the recovery.


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