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Concorde to fly again, as a luxury charter jet?

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The iconic shape of the Concorde could once again grace the skies, but this time as the world's most exclusive charter jet. ( Mais...

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Pileits 2
Um yeah right and Ford is going to bring back the Edsel and GM is bringing back the Pontiac Aztek because those cars made so much money for them.
littleindia 2
According to the FAA all concorde aircraft were retired never to be flown again so this web site I see you normally get your info from is a third party site which talks rubbish 99% of the time Steve but we know you love posting mainly to this web site which is good but try changing to a authenticated aviation news site that will give you the real news at hand. Below is a web site address you can go to that show every airliners aircraft scrapped retired active. Look at the concorde
jal6010 1
Agree there very true the CONCORDE is classified as SCRAPPED! No longer allowed to be flown
RandomX9 1
Already squawked by Steve Johnson. Sorry.
leeyein501 1
Whatever the question posted. The Concorde's are history gone but not forgotten. They will never fly again there airworthy certificates are cancelled indefinitely.
As much as I would dearly love to think otherwise, the thought "In your dreams" keeps playing through my mind...
Bill E 0
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The revival of Concorde

Plans are in place to resume Concorde flights in the near future, and fans of the aircraft could soon board one in central London
RandomX9 -1
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Concorde to Fly Again, Claims Group

Club Concorde, a group of ex-pilots, maintainers, engineers, airline execs and Concorde enthusiasts has unveiled a plan that aims to put a Concorde back in the air by 2019, and supposedly they have a pile of cash to see their plans through to fruition.


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