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Air NZ air fare wars lowest in decades

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The airfare wars between the domestic carriers within New Zealand has not effected air new zealand at all. In fact it has back fired on it's rival Qantas/Jetstar who lowered airfares withing NZ. The price of a discount seat on Jetstar or Qantas NZ from AKL.WLG was $69.00 one way anyday of the week. Air New Zealand has now come out with the Koru fare on the same route for $29.00 one way this also includes the night rider fares at the same price. CEO Christoper Luxton said Jetsatr and Qantas… ( Mais...

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littleindia 1
Air NZ know the market very well but it's a tough and rough market with competitors there in New Zealand I am sure they will always sustain growth in any of there destinations. I can remember when I flew to AKL Ansett New Zealand was there just struggling to stay a float as did Qantas NZ which no it's budget carrier JETSTAR is trying to gain ground un successfully.
zkokp777 1
I I flew from NZCH /NZAA yesterday Ito ly cost me $23.00 one way on ANZ Jetstar was $54 one way does not included 23kg baggage allowance
tracytearata 1
Just to let FLIGHTAWARE kiwi members in NZ. Air NZ has had the nigh rider fares out for some time at $29 NZ one way from WLG/NZPM also AKL/CHC these operate after 10pm at night with no in flight meals. anz also have a happy hour sale on the web site daily at 11pm NZEST for a hour. Some fare go as low as $20NZ on certain routes. As for JETSAR/QANTAS they know they cannot compete with these fares but love making a big issue out of it with the MEdia here in NZ and in Australia.


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