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Missing MH370 flight was used against the US military

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I cannot believe my eye's reading this story about what this reporter Tom Bachelor is saying in his comments about where this aircraft might be. Strangely enough nobody has search this area for some unknown reason. I don't trust any Government in power as politic's is just a cover up of things that are on a need to know bases and the come out with untruthful comments to hush up anything with red tape. Maybe there is a slight chance if the search vessels head this way they might… ( Mais...

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linbb 3
Give it a rest until something is found otherwise its like reading one of those rag newspapers next to the checkout stand. Not worth posting.
joel wiley 1
The pertinent part of the story is the plug for 1.3 mill pounds to fund his pet project. Sure beats a job where he'd have to ask, " would you like fries with that"?
kaitai929 1
Well at least the stir fry would have being a good meal for them all Joel bit good on them for doing this


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