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Daughter of missing MH370 flight steward gets a surprise visit from soccer team

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This is a real nice thing for a soccer team to do for a young girl who's father Andrew Nari is missing on board the doomed MH370 which disappeared a year ago and has not being found. But yet to be found. Liverpool fans will be so heart wrenched to see how there soccer team who plays Malaysia tonight had visited Maria and to pay there respects to her and her family. I mean that is outstanding for a big soccer club known around the world to to this for her. We are also all proud of Liverpool… ( Mais...

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parisram007 2
On ya Liverpool. I am a big fan of this soccer league team even though I reside in Sydney Australia. That is the spirit to show the world you care for those who are missing. I with you on that one!.I would like to see other FLIGHTAWARE members add to this comment good one Liverpool.
sueridge307 1
Agree with you there


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