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Air NZ to begin new Texas service from December 15 2015

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Well finally the kiwi airline Air NZ has the go ahead to fly to Houston, Texas beginning December this year. They will be using the 777-200 aircraft for this route and not the 787-919's. tickets have being reduced to $999.00 NZ. Air NZ CEO Chris Luxton says until we get a few more of the 787-919 being delivered into the fleet this year the Boeing 777's are economical for the long haul flights ( Mais...

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sueridge307 1
I am sure for what I know working for Air NZ in engineering the 787-919 on order have being delayed but Boeing is working with Air NZ to have the remaining aircraft in the fleet by end of 2015 including the other 777-319 about to be delivered to ANZ ZK-OKT.

Already bookings for this new route are full for December Air NZ is hoping to have the 777-319's on this Texas route as well most times the painted planes such as the Hobbit jets the all blacks jet will be put on this route for it's public relations tool as did the former Lord of the Rings jets were popular in America ZK-NBV,ZK-SUH,ZK-SIU all were 747-419's including the 767-319 ZK-NCG and the A320 Airbus. Also the all blacks jet the 747-419 ZK-NBW & the 737-219 ZK-NQC all were good public relation tools and attracted revenue
zkokp777 1
Boring 777-200 that would be good to see the big wide bodies or the big heavies land into Huston


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