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(Video) Air-to-Air Footage of Shuttle Endeavour Final Flight Over SoCal, Radio Audio Included

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Space shuttle Endeavour atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft flew over many Los Angeles area landmarks on its final ferry flight Sept. 21, 2012, including the Coliseum, the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Disneyland, Dodger Stadium, Universal Studios, downtown Los Angeles, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Malibu coastline and the California Science Center, where Endeavour will be displayed. ( Mais...

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ADXbear 3
Nice but sad video, having worked on her and the fleet at Kennedy for 30 years... it make me sad still that this beautiful machines were really in their prime after all the upgrades and fresh major mods.. we could have been flying them for 20 more years.. thanks for posting for all to see.. I have my own original uncut copy of this including Palmdale and Edwards..
Pa Thomas 2
One of the best days ever in SoCal. People packed the streets for was beautiful.....
ko25701 1
Looked like a huge waste of fuel too me. I love NASA and the shuttle program but flying around like that was at best a media stunt.
Marty Martino 1
Does anyone know of air-to-air footage of Endeavor over San Francisco and/or Sacramento (I was in Sac at the time and shot several stills).
WhiteKnight77 -1
It really is sad that we no longer have a way to put our own people into space and have to rely on someone who is not necessarily trustworthy. Still, this video reminds me of why I no longer live in SoCal. I used to fly in that junk out of Tustin and it is not healthy for anyone.
chudddds 2
Space X, USAF Titans ??? Were still in the game.


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