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Frontier Airlines raising baggage fees

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Frontier Airlines, which has expanded rapidly in Phoenix and other cities, is raising its baggage fees in May. ( Mais...

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First it was a tax then taxes, now they call them fees, then came beer and liquor to earn a few extra bucks, and charging for meals, then baggage "fees" and baggage Fees again, head sets, blankets, brand new paint jobs and new airplanes when one goes chapter 11, whats next, the toilet?

Lets face facts, the airline industry as a whole has never been a profit hog, in fact it has always been a losing proposition as an industry. Airlines have relied on gimmicks and plan old luck along with gov. bailouts, mergers and Star Alliance, should maybe be called the alliance of carriers whose longevity is or may be in doubt. Now we are getting into the age of acrft which look more like someones private jet, for those who can afford it, even the Donald must be a little envious, while at the same time selling those cheap fares, will they ever learn.

Frontier bless their heart, I love em, but at some point one must start to scratch their head when bears, foxes, and the rest of the zoo help drain those dollars every airline needs just to stay in the air. Service is what sells so dump the gimmicks the extra fees and sell service and I don't mean the lip kind.

I can't let this recent gem go, American Airlines, goes into court to save their _____ and comes out w/ another airline, then as if that were not enough, lets go get a new paint job for the hundreds of acrft and I mean hundreds they fly and of course we can't forget those expensive tv ads that were never there before.
I miss the old days, TWA, Eastern, Pan Am, National, Northwest Orient and the whole lot of them. But I live in a new age where .Com is the thing, flying billboards, makes one sad does it not.


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