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Qatar Airways unbelievable rules for women

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It's one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with a modern fleet, but Qatar airlines has been rocked by reports revealing its shockingly archaic set of rules for female flight attendants. ( Mais...

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preacher1 2
On the serious side, if they don't wanna fly, then don't apply. In reality they don't have any different rules than we used too before flying became WalMarty and Greyhoundy
preacher1 1
Now Mr. Baker dismisses all that as BS and says it's a lie. You don't think a man of his stature would lie, do you?
linbb 1
Third world attitude toward women terrible. Surprised they even hire women and don't use men. Or require outfits covering there entire body. Went thru SeaTac airport a few weeks ago and thought I was in a different country the way the service personnel acted and dressed. Learned some things, non spoke in English, don't get in there way, and all were dressed in black.
matt jensen 1
Just be happy they fly for someone else. Look it has taken them a hundred years to get into flight - give them a break!
The fact remains that our "right" is not and does not have to be their 'right". If their women dont like it - simply dont apply. That is their call. I, for instance expect every FA to look like Elaine on Airplane...
matt jensen 1
Their suits are copies of our 1960's stews. Nothing wrong with that - makes for a professional appearance. Can you imagine the Hooters uniforms?
dodger4 1
I imagine those few little gems AREN'T where it stops either.


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