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(Video) First F-35 Flyover - 4-ship Formation Over 2015 NFL Pro Bowl

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This four-ship formation is the first flyover involving the F-35. Aircraft from the 61st Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona participate in a flyover at the University of Phoenix stadium for the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl. ( Mais...

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dave brook 3
Looks nice. Still a disappointment as an airplane.
Brian Bishop 3
What? They couldn't get their marker lights synchronized??? / sarc
Very nice!
Thijs Piest 1
Haha :) that made my day
Jeffrey Hoffman 2
Thank you for your service and keeping our country safe!
Tim Marks 3
The guys and gals at Luke are getting it done! Thank you for your service to our country!
John Taylor 1
Really good! Even #4 was in position (which is very rare :):)
Loyd Enochs 1
Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people inside the stadium could actually see the planes? Since the stadium is mostly covered, and just a hole over the field looking up would give most fans a view of the ceiling, not the sky. If the game had been held in an outdoor stadium (like the Rose Bowl or even Yankee Stadium), then the fans would be able to see and hear the flyover. But this seems more like the Goodyear blimp flying over the SuperDome in New Orleans and just used for advertising.


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