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UAL 675 Den to Jackson Hole

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UAL 675 flies to Jackson Hole only to return to Denver. Two hour flight for nothing? ( Mais...

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Mark Duell 1
It's pretty foggy, weather is below Cat 1 mins.

paul trubits 1
Happens all the time to the ski towns. They take off for KDEN hoping the skies open up. They could run this post every day. KHDN is a little better now that they have upgraded the radar.
bryan dumas 1
Yeah, I know it is weather related... living here in Denver. I was more thinking aloud from the "disgruntled" passengers..."Two hour flight for nothing?" UAL is being beaten in the press here for there baggage handling issues and now "this" issue.
paul trubits 1
Brian: if you ask a skier, they will tell you it is more of a story that your flight took off from KDEN and actually made it. If you check the United lounge, my guess it is full of people in ski jackets hoping that they will get to the slopes today. Taking off sure beats sitting around the airport.
bryan dumas 1
ack... their... not there.
hawkerflyer 1
Why not divert to Idaho Falls or SLC instead of flying all the way back to Denver? Both are VFR.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Because Denver is a hub, so they have more staff and other amenities to assist their passengers.


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