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Jet Blue offering free trips to/from Police Officer's funeral

In these days when airlines are at the bad of everything, a breath of fresh air is nice. ( More...

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I will fly them each and every chance I get for this.
James Corkern 4
Well Done JB!
Well done Jet Blue! In this age of corporate greed and irresponsibility you have shown the world that corporate can be decent and caring! You stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam!!!!!!!!
Pete Schecter 5
BLUE lives matter
Ken Lane 2
Kudos to Jet Blue!
preacher1 3
Not taking anything away from Jet Blue, but a bunch of private and 135 fleets out of cities not on the JB network are taking their lead from the Airline and offering the same for their local departments.

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preacher1 15
Sounds to me like you need to meet different cops.
linbb 8
None have worked around them directly in there line of work. I did years ago and saw what they had to do and put up with. Bet none of them had to pull the dead out of a car wreck or tell the survivors a friend or relative was dead either. Been there seen them do that along with things way beyond what was required by there job many times. Those comments were not needed on this forum but we do have some that have nothing else to do but troll the web.
preacher1 13
I have met my share of arrogant, power happy ones, but the other ones far outnumber them. Like I said, they need to meet some different cops.
I would rather deal with a cop than TSA though :-)
RECOR10 -4
Met plenty. All corrupt. Then again, the city where I live is rampant for corruption. One cop even outed the, they put him in jail. I know a number of State Troopers - all are very stand up good people. All, also want to arrest many of the local cops. What can you do? Nothing.
Disgruntled Liberal alert
Ken Lane 6
Yeah, there are some bad cops out there. It's likely to turn any cop's attitude after a while when they run into enough jerks like you.

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preacher1 9
Dang, you have a big one on for Joyce. Give it a rest. This ain't even related, mate.

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preacher1 5
I don't know of a CEO anywhere that was hired to please the rank & file. They are hired to bring the corporation back to profitability. I have kept up with goings on down there and fully understand that he is not anywhere near popular, but he has brought that almighty $ back to the stockholders. Now, his measure of success will be if he can keep the Roo together or if he has cut to far. Horton had to do the same thing with AA and is now making money and is not plagued with the maintenance issues that Joyce is, at least they aren't highly publicized if he is. Whether these problems are just his bad luck or if he has cut to far remains to be seemed.

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preacher1 2
Well, it may have been more than him, it generally is, BUT, he is the man in the driver's seat and will get the crap or glory, whichever way it goes. There weren't that many far/seat wars back in the day because all was regulated by the CAB. There wasn't any of this overnight, on a whim, like you see today. Back in the day, if a fare manager woke up wanting to kick somebody's butt, he had to give notice to the world that he was going to do it and then wait for approval. Nowadays, he wakes up, publishes it, and somebody says dang, where'd that come from.
iflyifr 1
What did you say!!!


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