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Airbus Captures Five $300M A350 Jetliners Flying Together In This Billion-Dollar Photo Shoot

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The five test and development A350-900s took to the skies for a formation flight in September 2014, bringing together all of the aircraft used for Airbus’ successful campaign leading to certification of this latest Airbus widebody jetliner ( Mais...

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preacher1 2
Looks like a bunch of ex fighter jocks as they go to breaking right. I remember the F-4's in flights of 4 at Davis Monthan in the late 60's. Standard tower call after approach in would be to break right mid - field. It was basically a go around to spread them out for landing but always a pretty sight, when none had an Emergency tied to it. LOL
Alfons Wilbert 1
Hell Yeah!!! Great Video!! I would have given anything to be on one of them during this shoot!! Mind you, I bet they would have had a massive clean-up job on their hands, if they would have filled them with fare-paying passengers.......
Matt West 1
I have to say the video was amazing to watch. I did, however, notice one comment on there that made me laugh out loud:

Boeing 787 Dreamliners would have been more interesting due the smoke system they have..

Not my comment, but I found it funny.
Matt West 2
Also, me-thinks they must have turned off the Aircraft proximity warning system for this otherwise it would have been REALLY annoying.
preacher1 1
I would think so. LOL
chalet 0
According to aviation safety experts, this kind of publicity stunts do NOTHING to increase the sales of aircraft yet they pose an enormous risk and this reminds me the awful multiple mid-air crash of the Valkyrie B-70, and F-104, an F-5, an F-4 and an T-38 over Edwards in 1966 only to satisfy GE´s request for pictures of these aircraft all of which use their engines.
btweston 2
Safety experts know more about selling planes than aircraft manufacturers, eh? I'm willing to bet you're wrong. Even with the capital letters.


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