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Pilot Forced to Land Sideways

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A plane had to land sideways at O'Hare airport in Chicago because of the wind. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 6
That wasn't sideways. I don't think it went over 20 degrees.
Toby Sharp 3
Ms. Ashley, come to Texas sometime, we do this every week down here!
James Adkins 2
That's not even close to the most extreme cross wind landing I've seen at O'Hare.
Where's that b52 landing gear when you need it. That wasn't pretty.
linbb 1
Well within design parameters and has been tested to more. Not all landings can be made straight down the center line. Large AC can do it safer than small AC due to landing gear design.
I know you're right. But it's still ugly to watch a touchdown with the plane crabbed. Lol
Bill Schmiett 1
Sideways I tell you! Reminds me of the joke about the landing where the plane touches down and brakes and thrust reversers deploy and they stop just short of the end of the runway. Pilot says "This is the shortest runway I've ever landed on" Copilot "Yeah but it sure is wide!" :)
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Didn't look all that bad to me. No gusts forced wingtips to the ground. PF did an excellent job.
pirahna432 0
The horror!


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