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Delta Flight 5733 loses cabin pressure shortly after leaving Austin TX

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An Embraer 175 regional jet ( Delta Flight 5733 ) bound for Los Angeles, lost cabin pressure and returned to Austin TX ( Mais...

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Ian Hamlyn 2
In the airline world you return to the most "suitable" airport if you have a situation that allows that to happen. In their case, they did the correct thing taking the airplane back to the original Delta station. Once they were at a safe altitude, they had plenty of time to prepare for landing and burn fuel to be under max landing weight, which in that plane is 75,177lbs. If they were further along in the flight, diverting to a different airport may have been more suitable. But in this case it was the right call.
Chris Kane 1
75 minutes? I know west Texas is desolate, but there must have been an alternative.
Ray Zimmermann 1
If you look at the flight graph, the problem apparently happened 12 minutes after takeoff, when he reached his max altitude and started to descend. At that point he was less than 100 miles from Austin, about 500 from El Paso. Looks like he spent about 45 minutes circling at 8000 in the vacinity of AUS, probably burning off fuel
Paul Lupa 1
I understand the need to burn off fuel before landing, but they could have gone to El Paso and at least been closer to their destination.
paul trubits 1
Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.
Zack Trego 1
What's with all these planes suddenly having cabin pressure issues?


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