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New Orleans Saints' tight end Jimmy Graham: Flying High

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New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham is the highest-paid tight end in football, but he spends the off-season working on a backup plan – stunt pilot ( Mais...

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trevor caruso 9
what an amazing story of personal triumph. i have a new favorite football player. sounds like a great kid.
Joseph Immermann 1
Well said Trevor, I have a new favorite NFL player too. It is nice to hear about the hard working stand up guys for a change.
John Atherton 1
I second your motion...way to go Jimmy!!!
Ron Burgundy 9
Great to hear about a celebrity athlete being a true role model. The NFL needs more guys like that.
Richard Judy 7
A pro football player who doesn't hang his name out there for all to see...and flys for Angel Flight. A definate role model if there ever was one!
'Brad Pitt's a pilot,' you know? But to fly a plane like this, you've got to really know what you're doing."

So a Bonanza is less forgiving than a Spitfire... who knew?
Berni Breen 1
Berni Breen I was born and raised in New Orleans and therefore a hard core Saints fan. jimmy Graham is one of the special ones on and off,the field. I wasn't aware of his piloting prowess...very impressive. Jimmy, how about we get you up in something a bit faster, like a Lancair Evolution, a Lancair IV or maybe a Lancair Legacy. I think 300 MPH would suit you much better!
Ken Lane 1
He's one of few NFL stars whose name you'll never see show up in a police blotter.

Good on him!
Roger Curtiss -5
Watch the bravado Jimmy. The last time a pilot publicly joked, "We're going to get our airplane washed" was in a Delta L-1011 just before it encountered a microburst and crashed on approach to DFW.


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