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First Leap-1As For A320neo Enter Production

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Core assembly of the first pair of CFM International Leap-1A engines to power the Airbus A320neo is underway, marking the start of a production run that has already amassed firm orders for more than 7,500 engines across all three new-generation variants. The A320neo flight-test engines are being assembled at General Electric’s production facility in Durham, North Carolina, at the same time as the first Leap-1C for Comac’s C919 is prepared for evaluation on the company’s 747-100 flying testbed in… ( Mais...

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Terry McKinney 1
It is not mentioned in the article that this engine has a gearing system, the first of its kind for a jet engine. I could be wrong but I think that is why it requires so much testing. I am no aeronautics specialist but my son is We have talked about adding gears to a jet engine which has few moving parts and how that could be a weak point in this engine. It is supposed to be significantly more fuel efficient. Several engine failures in recent newsletters (including this one) have been reported. Hopefully this new one will as good as or better than current ones. In no way do I feel unsafe when flying. The number of engine failures is miniscule when one cosiders the millions of flight hour flown daily.
Mark Duell 1
It's not mentioned in the article because this engine (CFM LEAP) does not having a gearing system!

P&W's competing PW1x00G series of engines does have a gearing system. But it's far from the first geared jet engine, preceded by the Lycoming (now Honeywell) ALF 502 and Garrett (also now Honeywell) TFE731.
Terry McKinney 1
Thanks Mark for the correction. My son,who works for Honeywell and formerly for CAE Avionics (they make simulators) and has worked on the Raptor, the JSF and now the Airbus 350 and I were talking about the geared jet engine. I just assumed that the one in the article was geared. Is gearing reliable enough in your opinion? I realize that this question is really off the topic of the article.


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