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Taban Airlines plane crashes near Teheran airport, over 40 dead

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No word on aircraft type but Taban operates 5 MD-88's and 2 A310's TEHERAN, Iran (AFP) - A civilian airliner crashed on take-off near Teheran's Mehrabad airport on Sunday, Iranian news agencies said, with the state television reporting that more than 40 people were killed. The Taban Airlines plane was headed to the eastern city of Tabas, IRNA and Fars news agencies reported, and it crashed at 9.18 am (0448 GMT). IRNA said the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. - See more at:… ( Mais...

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Kevin Brown 3
First picture from the crash scene
Pileits 2
This is what happens when citizens allow their country to be overtaken by religious zealots who quickly become a dictatorship. Infrastructure falls apart and citizens suffer the results.
Max Power 1
Tell that to Indonesia.
Kevin Brown 1
UPDATE: New reports claim it was an AN-140 (manufactured in Iran) operated by Sepahan Airlines NOT Taban Airlines.
Kevin Brown 1

RT ‏@RT_com 1m
UPDATE: 48 people were aboard #Iran-140 Sepahan Air plane, including 6 kids

[NOTE to MODS: please change headline to read Sepahan Air instead of Taban]
Felix Senada 1
Iran's deputy transport minister Ahmad Majidi said the Antonov An-140 turboprop plane was run by Sepahan Airlines.
Rohit Rathor 1
How tragic, sending thoughts and prayers
canuck44 1
Lots more information here...Russian experts on the way to witness the wonderful locally produced aircraft.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Pileits 1
Felix Senada 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Iran plane crash near Tehran 'kills 48' near Mehrabad

Forty-eight people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed in the west of the Iranian capital Tehran, according to Iranian state TV.


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