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Cobham flight returns to Perth (YPPL) with engine fire.

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A small Cobham Aviation flight filled with FIFO workers returns to Perth with engine fire. ( Mais...

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biz jets 4
So everything about this post is aviation related, and includes amazing video of the incident.

So my question is, on an aviation site, a posting of a current event, and there are 8 votes to eject.

Personally I'd use stories like this to find the trolls and block them from their free FlightAware period - they show disrespect to those that value people who take the time to post actual current aviation events.
Kevin Brown 2
Lately I have noticed a lot of down voting of stories for no apparent reason.

Last week I squawked the crash of a Mexican bizjet that killed all 8 on board and I received something like 10 down votes even though it was a breaking news event and I included video of the immediate aftermath - bio's of the victims including links to their Facebook and twitter accounts, history of the a/c etc.

I wouldn't care except for the fact squawks that get down voted don't make it to the front page and if a story isn't going to make it to the front page it becomes pointless to take the time to gather all the details.
preacher1 2
Well, we got it down to 4 now but you are totally correct
preacher1 1
Just an added note. I wonder if it makes any difference if it's on the National News or not. Tis was this morning about the engine fire. The 737 landing gear story is posted right above it here on FA and has 12 upvotes. It was not on the News this morning.
biz jets 1
Here is a shot of EI-STD the B737-400F;
biz jets 2
Just for the positive posters, and those who view this, here is a video taken on March 27th in India of a Beech B200 King Air crashing on take off in India - all 9 persons on board survived.
James Ashurst 1
That should be YPPH sorry.
Kevin Brown 1
VIDEO taken from inside the aircraft captures the engine fire

Kevin Brown 1
view of engine damage
Peter Tilia 1
I agree, no reason to eject this story, although the BAe 146 is not so small for a regional jet.
This video is also on You Tube


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